Mercantile Department

In our commercial department you can find advice on everything related to the field of commercial activity, carrying out of the studies, negotiations and preparation of all types of commercial operations. Theses processes are carried out from the initial stages, resolving any dispute that may occur during its execution or resolution.

The Commercial Department is able to perform any procedure related to:

Commercial Area
Our Commercial Department offers advisory services from a business consultancy point of view, with particular emphasis on counseling, negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts.

Company Area
Our department provides comprehensive advice to companies (civil or commercial), as well as its members and managers, to ensure proper operation of its structure and activity.

Concursal Area
In times of business crisis, our team of professionals in legal, employment, economic and commercial matters will examine all issues related to business difficulties. These subjects include the analysis of the accounting, contracts with creditors and suppliers, as well as the employment status of the workers among others; in order to plan a strategy based on whether there exists the possibility of business continuity or imminent insolvency. You will also find a good support service in case that one of your customers is bankrupt.

Foundations and Associations
Given the strong growth in social and economic fiels in our foundation societies and nonprofit organizations, our Commercial Department provides extensive guidance


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