Legal Department

The Legal Department provides advice services and legal consultancy, both for individuals and companies, covering the various branches and specialties of law.

The Legal Department is able to perform any procedure related to:

Inheritance Law
In our legal department you will find support and advice on all matters related to succession mortis cause, and we will take all the steps needed in inheritance matters.

Family law
Given the complexity of the legal rules governing the personal and property relationships between the members of the families and with respect to third parties, our Legal Department offers services regarding family, marital, paternal and filial relationships; as well as those related to guardianship institutions.

Civil law
In our legal department we offer our services in the management of issues related to the regulation of relations between private persons or personal assets, concerning physical and legal entities (private and public). We offer a comprehensive regulation service of the various relationships.

Amount claim
ATF can manage your debts and the claimed debts.

Administrative law
ATF provides, from its legal Department, comprehensive advice on relations between Public Administration and companies or individuals.

Employment law and Social Security
Our Legal Departament provides legal advice on all aspects of Labour and Social Security.


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