Tax and accounting Department

ATF Assessors i Consultors offers advice and planning on all matters related to taxation, both as individuals and companies, as well as assets. You can find services related to the management of taxes and tax obligations, modifications of the Finance census, tax returns or tax proceedings for corporations, civil societies or community properties.

At the same time, we believe that an effective business management focuses on the proper flow of information of your accounting. So our professional team offers integrated accounting of your company, ranging from advice and monitoring services to year-end procedures. These annual closing proceedings include the beginning of the accounting planning, the preparation of financial reports and balance sheets and/or the preparation and legalization of official books.

The Tax and accounting Department is able to perform any procedure related to:

Tax and taxation area
The smooth running of the companies need proper tax plannification. Our tax and accounting department is well aware of this necessity, and together with the accounting area, places at your disposal its consultancy and management services. These services are both available for businesses and individuals, and cover all fiscal and tax needs.

Accounting area
The accounting area monitors the companies constantly, handling the documentation that is generated daily in the running of the business. These documents are also transformed into interesting analytical data that could be taken under consideration and  needed for presentation to government institutions.


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