Document management Department and other services

The Documentation management Department is a reinforcement area to other departments for processing and managing multiple types of documents destined to public entities such as: subsidies, public records (REA, REIC, RASIC, etc), records for the Spanish Agency for data Protection and more. The Documentation management Department also drafts safety manuals following the guidelines of the Data protection Act, and processes civil registration certificates as well as bussiness licenses.

The Documentation management Department is able to perform any procedure related to:

Relationships with Public Institutions
Our department processes documents for the different existing relationships between companies or individuals and the public administration.

Protection of Personal data and intellectual property
The Data protection Act for personal data aims to ensure the protection of people in the matters concerning the processing of their personal data. The Act also controls that the data and file managers fulfill the obligations imposed by the rule. In this respect we offer our services in all aspects related to the adequacy of data protection rules to the routine work of the companies.

Mediation services in traffic matters
We perform, as mediators, all the tasks related to traffic issues so that you can avoid needless travel and waiting.


More information (pdf)

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