Tax and accounting Department
We offer advice and planning on all issues related to the taxation of both individuals and companies, as well as assets, including the preparation of models of settlement and returns of all taxes, with an effective business management focused on adequate account information.

Team: Josep Tatjé, Noelia Grima, Josep Trullàs, Bernat Tatjé, Joan Boix and Sònia López

Labour Department
We offer counseling and comprehensive management in all labor issues. Our team of professionals will assist you in managing staff, and will advise you in any doubts and needs you have in the labor area.

Team: Rosa Contreras, Anna López, Núria Molas, Elia Garcia and Xiomara Zerpa

Legal Department
We offer advice and solutions in the field of inheritance law, family law, civil law, administrative law, employment law and Social Security issues; as well as issues related to urban and rural leasing. We also provide support services and  proper defense in proceedings.

Team: Josep Tatjé, Mariona Ratera i Carla López.

Commercial Department
We analyze the companies from a commercial point of view, providing the tools necessary for good management, operation and activity in corporate and commercial areas.

Team: Josep Tatjé, Noelia Grima and Mariona Ratera

Document management Department and other services
This department is a reinforcement area to other departments for processing and managing multiple types of documents destined to public entities such as: subsidies, public records and more. We also manage the adequacy of your company to the Data Protection Act and offer mediation services in traffic conflicts.

Team:  Josep Tatjé, Imma Vilà, Anna López and Xiomara Zerpa.

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