Tax and accounting Department

pencils-109483-mComplete accounting consultancy, including the making and presentation of all kinds of tax returns as well as the preparation of the official accounting books: journal, inventory and annual accounts.

Labour Department

shaking_hands_hands_237954_lComplete consultancy on social and labour issues, including all the management and processing issues related to companies, free-lance workers and employees.

Legal Department

project365-gavel-5541804-lComplete consultancy on legal issues related to all kinds of law divisions (civil, commercial, tax), including assistance and defense in litigations.

Commercial Department

Complete consultancy on ordinary and specific trading proceedings (business, financial and mercantile advice).

Document management Department and other services

Consultancy on the matters related to the public administration, adaptation of the free-lance workers and/or companies to the Data Protection Act, and mediation in traffic conflicts.






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